Tuesday, September 25, 2007

573 077.015 smoots - Cleveland, Ohio pt.2

carl here. journey started late. woke up 4hrs behind schedule. decided
to give our friend TK a lift to the plane station. off to the mass pike.
soggy butter bagels at some crapdive chain in newton. then back on
the pike. its, like, noon. on the road again like willie. smooth ride
through central, then western mass. bershires beauty. border towns
still lost in time. large ponds. locals in pick ups. over into new york,
or The Western Mass Extension. turnpike through mass-rip-off towns.
design flaws of old mill towns. utica, esp. then to george saunders
land (didn't see him). old familiar settings and backyards in henrietta.

by nine we were in buffalo and i was on the phone texting TK that
we'd be in chicago before she (plane delayed at JFK somewhere).
intense scary lightning over the great lakes. started off in one
singular cloud then grew and grew and grew until we finally hit
ohio and the skies opened. here in cleveland, as aimee said earlier.
watching PBS. looking for red sox scores. i miss my cats.

stat of the day:

    2 adult video and fireworks "super stores"
    within a half mile just over the new york border
    into PA. followed by "trucker town".

573 077.015 smoots - Cleveland, Ohio

Day one:

There are many beautiful sights to be seen in this country. Cleveland, Ohio is not one of them.

We don't have any pictures to report. But we are doing well! Lounging at a Day's Inn and watching the Ken Burns WWII Documentary.

Tomorrow we make for the cornfields!