Sunday, October 7, 2007

six million smoots later

we are back in boston! and our cats are happy
to see us again, well, mine at least. stacked up
mail awaits and a full day back at work tomorrow
cuts down the recovery time....but glad to be home.

ride home from roanoke (pronounced ro-a-no-kay,
meaning: "the good land" [not really]). virginia was
for lovers as it was the sexiest state yet. sexy in that
it wasn't texas, which is my new basis for whether
or not something is sexy. i call is the the "sexy texy"
test. more later once details are finalized.

a quick foray into west virginia and all of twelve
or so miles of maryland. then it was to dutch country
where we stopped in on the world's worst mall in
chambersburg, pa. sorry to all chambersburgians,
but seriously guys, get a food court (or anything).
worst mall ever. drove up a bit longer and found
a red robbin burger joint (tasty!). back on the road
though the scenic hills of northeast penn and west
new york. great sunset views and hazy hillsides.
too lazy and road haggard to take pictures....

drive through connecticut was marred by road
construction and lane changes. rolled through
hartford. HARTFORD! with classic rock tunes
blaring. final stretch was spent watching state
troopers cycling through traffic and issuing
citations. some highlights:

    a car with no windows. NONE.
    a beat up montana camper.
    a car with very fake, and very dangly plates.

on a side note, i noticed that people below
the mason dixon line don't signal when turning
or changing lanes. also, people with campers
or trailers are considered the lowest rung
on the interstate totem pole. this is a fact.

with that our smoot troupe has ended. top three
highlights for me [carl] in order of awesomeness:

    grand canyon
    end of an ear records in austin tx
    twin peaks town in north bend wa.

we'd also like to thank everyone who
we either hung out with (leah and matt in
austin) or let is crash on their floor
(heather in seattle). also thanks to
everyone who put up with our reckless
driving and lack of hotel manners.