Monday, October 1, 2007

salt lake smoots

first off, let me apologize for any sweeping generalizations
i may make in this post. with that said, salt lake city is scary
as hell. sure, salt lakians are super chatty and freindly. that's
not scary. no, this place is scary in that "church-of-latter-day
sort of way. like anything dirty gets the drape. homeless men,
truckers with sass-mouth at flying-j reststops...they all get
the drape! seriously, drive down highway 15 south and every
factory and efinery has a JCLDS banner! scary!

also, boise is pretty damn scary as well.

day started off on a good note. got up at a decent hour
and were out the door and on the road by nine a.m.
a quick stop at the grocery store (next to a sawmill!)
to get some food and break some larger bills...then
it was off to boise, which by the way, isn't pronouced
like "noise". on the way, lots of beautiful mountains and
old towns with abandoned trains and houses. blue
skies with huge clouds in the distance. then aimee's
glasses proved to be too scratched (from a night of
seattle bar hopping with our good freidn heather) so
we go to some shitastic wal-mart to get new glasses.
turns out they can't fill the prescription (or whatever)
but there's a lenscrafters in boise which can. so we
hike it to lenscrafters where with their impecable
glasses making technology, they can make a set
of glasses in about five hours (literally). a couple
burritos later and an hour or four sitting in a parking
lot later, all is well. i'm not saying boise is a bad
place, but lets just say it ranks just below gresham
oregon as places i'd prefer to never visit again.
sorry boisians. (i made that term up.) keep in mind
i rooted for boise state university last year in the BCS
football bowl game, so don't hate the player, hate
the idiots who work in your town's lenscrafters. or
in simply, don't shoot me with your hunting rifles
which i'm pretty sure a lot of boisians carry judging
by the folks i stared at in the parking lot.

i pretty sure tomorrow we can make it close to
le grande canyon. it should be majestic, or
maybe just close enough to garner religious
experience levels.

on a more positive note, seattle was a classy
little city. it rained all three days which i was psyched
about as i love rain. lots of great shops and the
people there seemed like swell chaps and dames.
i highly recommend the underground tour as
previously mentioned. thanks to heather for
acting as tour guide and letting us make a mess
of her lovely apartment. a great time was had by
all. OH, i almost forgot, aimee bought me a beard
trimmer in boise, so i going to retract my
boise statement, or at least ammend it to
say, boise sucks, but you can buy a decent cheap
beard trimmer there no problem. g'night!

i miss my cats.


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