Wednesday, October 3, 2007

texas - spanish for "deer detailer".

We are in Austin after a million and a half miles of boring, 2 hours of being sick (carlos),

I have thus far not been able to see my friend Matthew, because we just got in. So we're in a Day's Inn, and we might not leave.

on an aside note, carlos has given texas a new name. the "nothing to show me" state, as the interior is 8 hours of the same landscape punctuated by the occasional mesa or dilapidated town full of rude people.

even ruder than people from NJ.

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anne said...

After driving a million and a half miles, surely, since that translates to a whole heck of a lotta smoots, you've had your oil changed...perhaps smack dab in the center of the contiguous US, as listed by those reliable Wikipedians? Thought Matthew lived in Arizona?