Thursday, September 27, 2007

smoots in montana (high meat content)

south dakota! spent the day tooling around the badlands
and then on to america's favorite theme-town, Wall. ate
some gut-explosion-inducing chicken. aimee had the
burger. we both passed on the garden salad--surrounded
by all this roaming, grazing, meat!

another sun set into the western-laid mountains.
another night spent trying not to run over deer.
such as:

    me: how fast does one have to go to completely decimate a deer?
    aimee: i know! there aren't even any bones left!

i mean, where does all that deer stuff go?
it all just vanishes on impact. into powder.
and a pollock on the pavement! gross!

now we're in billings, montana awaiting
the continental breakfast at 8:30am.

tomorrow, seattle or bust!

prairie dogs are adorable.
i still miss my cats very much.


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