Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smoot total - 1 465 791.04 smoots.

* I oughtta smack Carl upside the head, HARD.

magnets=the great national roadtrip souvenir, and I bought the moccasins just to irritate him.

I will not doubt that i hit the buffet HARD. When 99.9% of the cherry tomatoes have a bad case of mush-rot and the celery is dry, you sort of have to.

But greetings from what we like to call "America's Attic". You know, where they stick things they aren't sure what to do with. National Monuments, the Natives who used to own the country, Grassland. Sure. Just stick it in the Dakotas between the Corn Palace and the Oversized Novelty President Heads Carved into a Mountain.

We kind of love it here. I doubt the cats miss us.

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