Wednesday, September 26, 2007

smoots to sioux

rather subdued trek across the midwest and into
sioux falls, south dakota. lots of casinos here as
every once proud tribe has given in to 0.05 cent
gambling chips at local gas stations. highlight
thus far has been the world's largest truck stop,
in walcott, iowa. ate a delicious plate of steak
and eggs. aimee hit up the buffet table HARD.
aimee hit up the weird shoe dept HARD. aimee
hit up the cheap magnet kiosk HARD.* to sum
up the iowa 80 experience, carl ate steak and
eggs, and aimee hit everything HARD. HARD.

saw a wonderful sunset, then commented that
it was getting late, then remembered something
about a time change. extra hour of driving!
to sioux falls! HARD!

now i'm updating blogs and flickr
tomorrow, wall drug, mitchell corn palace,
and satan's smokestack or ladder to hades
or tower or whatever. i still miss my cats.

funny things names from day #two:

    fangboner rd.
    gore orphanage
    and a man driving a bright yellow corvette
    with vanity plates reading "PAYROLL"

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